Pioneer Designs has built a name within the industry through our relationships with the high end retail market. Our customers expect only the highest quality from us and we always ensure that we deliver

Pioneer Designs currently supplies a number of high end retail stores throughout Gauteng and the surrounding provinces. Most of these retailers have exclusivity with regards to their designs which are manufactured by us on their behalf. 

Some of our long term retail clients are

A majority of our clients work on a CMT basis in order to offer their customers a bespoke service. We also have a number of clients who prefer to order from a pre selected range of fabrics.


We’ve worked together with SF Exclusive to put together our own range of fabrics which are catered towards our design style and personality

Fabric Selection and Variety Offerings

Wholesale Exclusivity Arrangements

Pioneer Designs takes particular interest in ensuring that we choose our retail clients very carefully. We aim to make all arrangements work in the best interests of both parties. We therefore only choose to work with specific retailers based on their relationships and geographical locations in relation to our current client base


We offer exclusivity deals on our own designs for geographical locations based on minimum order quantities. We are also open to manufacture customised design lines based on your requirements which in itself will have exclusivity in the market.

One of the main focus points of our supply agreements is to guarantee only the highest quality. We make sure that we only use the highest quality materials in the construction of our furniture.

All of our designs make use of 30 Density High Density Foams direct from Strandfoam unless specifically requested. We combine a variety of foam hardness levels to achieve the maximum level of comfort vs reliability.

We only manufacture all structural components of our frames using SABS approved Pine and our dining chairs are manufactured using solid hardwood Meranti or Rubberwood for show components

We only use seating coiled springs on all couches and dining chairs unless specifically requested


Wholesale Quality Assurance

Our retail clients have exclusivity with all of their own designs that they commission through us and they are not available to the public through us. We do occasionally promote their brands and their stores. There are a number of clients who also choose from our own catalogue and exclusivity is granted based on an agreed upon minimum monthly order quantity. Some of these are shown below