Occasional Chairs

A living room is not complete without an occasional chair to add a sense of variety. We have a range of different occasional chairs to add to your home in addition to the 1 division versions of all of our standard lounge suites.

Occasional chairs generally provide an opportunity to experiment with different colours and styles in your home.

Mix and match to your hearts content by selecting fabrics from our range of sample books


The Hilton chair is our newest addition to our premium occasional chair range.

It’s rounded edge design combined with scatter cushions provides an unparalleled sense of comfort and style to your home. Top it all off with some stylish golden or stainless steel legs and your lounge is most definitely placed in a class of it’s own


Occasional chairs are becoming more and more popular in the modern home. The Rubin chair is a perfect fit for that awkward space.

It’s curved, yet wide design brings an alternative sense of comfort for your lounge, study or even your bedroom.

Tandy Tub

The Tub Chair is one of those simple yet elegant designs that have stood the test of time.

Turn it into your own with a range of different colours and fabrics to choose from

Django Wingback

Our Django Wingback is our most premium wingback design that is perfect for your CEO office or classically styled home.

It’s highback style demands attention in any setting and makes it known that this is the chair that the boss sits on.

Dress it up in your personal choice of exotic leathers

C Tub

The C Tub Chair is one of our more modern designs

It’s wide and open setup allows you to sink into a world of comfort without having to compromise on space. Dress is up with a variety of different scatter cushions to bring out a dash of colour in your home.

Victoria Diamondback

The Victorian Diamondback is one of our oldest and most popular designs.

The diamond button upholstery is always an eye catcher and it makes the Victoria Diamondback the perfect seat for any queen.

Match it with the perfect velvet or pattern and breathe a new sense of life into your lounge.

Timo Wingback

The everlasting Wingback Chair. A style that has lasted through the ages and that will mark it’s place in any home.

This has proven to be a popular choice throughout the ages with a recognisable style. It’s the perfect seat to finish off that book or to pur your feet up on one of our ottomans and relax in.