One of the major benefits of visiting us at Pioneer Designs is that you’re able to make up your furniture exactly the way you want to, in the sizes, shapes, colours and fabrics you want to. Our standard range of designs can all be manufactured to spec and configuration.

With our guidance and recommendations, we’ll be sure to make your dreams a reality

All of our designs can be made up in a range of different sizes and configurations including:

1,2,3 Division
Daybed Corner
Full Corner
Full Wedge Corner
U Corner
U Wedge Corner


The Amahle couch embodies the very meaning of it’s name, “Beautiful”

By introducing functional features such as adjustable headrests as well as design elements such as top stitching, the Amahle sets itself apart from the crowd by standing as a proudly South African product in the face of modern imported designs.

The Amahle is available in all configurations

Abby Curved

The beautiful Abby will definitely make you look twice.

Its curved design catches the eyes and hearts of everyone who makes her acquaintance. The Abby is the perfect couch to dress up in a variety of different fabrics and patterns. 

Mix and match different colours with scatter cushions to make the Abby the perfect extension of your personality.

The Abby is available as a 1,2 or 3 division

Bay Deep

The modular Bay is one of out youngest designs. It’s deep seated setup maximises comfort in a way that no other couch can. Designed for TV room spaces, it is envisioned to be the couch that will replace your bed most evenings.

The Bay Deep is available in all configurations

Hampton Slanted

The Hampton is one of our premium designs that offers much more than meets the eye.

With both a slanted seat and back cushion, the Hampton demands the highest levels of comfort by pulling you into its seat and making sure that you will never want to leave again.

The original wedge design brings about a new and unusual shape which makes it perfect for those big open lounge settings

The Hampton is available in all configurations


The Capri is as standard as standard comes. As one of our most versatile designs. It is usually the most common choice for clients with custom sizes living areas.

The Capri makes use of loose seated cushions to allow for flexibility in any situation.

The Capri is available in 1,2 or 3 division configurations as well as a daybed corner, full corner, or a U corner.

Square Chesterfield

The Square Chesterfield brings a fresh new look to the iconic diamond button design. Its modern interpretation of the timeless classic will definitely bring the best of both worlds into your home.

Complete with a curved outside edge and a wooden base, the Square Chesterfield is sure to be a feature in any home.

The Square Chesterfield is only available in straight configurations and can be made to size spec

Classic Chesterfield

There is no design more worthy of the title of classic than the Chesterfield.

It sits in every important office, study and library and can be found in the homes of some of the greatest figures in history.

The Chesterfield demands attention and will definitely stand out in any home.

The Classic Chesterfield is only available in straight configurations and can be made to size spec.


The Clarkson, with its signature triangular cushioned arms will change the way that you understand comfort.

By taking advantage of both firm and soft high density foams, the Clarkson achieves the best of both worlds by providing a supportive yet relaxing seat.

Designed to maximise comfort, the Clarkson has become a firm favorite with the Pioneer Designs clientelle.

The Clarkson is available as a 1, 2 or 3 division as well as a daybed corner, full corner, wedge corner or a U corner.


The Cinderella couch is something a little more unique than what you’re used to seeing. Designed to make an absolute statement with it’s glass slippers, the Cinderella couch will wow and amaze you every time to take a look at it.


The Michael started out as an experiment on how the simplest of changes can make the biggest of differences.

Designed as a couch for office spaces, The Michael made use of a variety of sizes and patterns to create the most interesting design effects.

It has quickly become a favorite with our interior design clients


Introduced as our Black Friday offering for the 2018 year, the Block couch quickly made itself right at home in our catalogue. It’s simple fixed seat and back cushions allows us to decrease our manufacturing times and fabric use in order to offer it at competitive prices while still maintaining our high end Pioneer Designs quality promises.

Enjoy it with a central arm rest complete with cupholders

Available as a 1, 2 or 3 division as well as in daybed corner or full corner configurations.


The Jenni completely changes what you think the possibilities of upholstery can be. 

It’s fluted design brings a completely new sense of plushness to the standard couch. Match it with a variety of different velvet colours or anything other covering that your heart desires

The Jenni is available in straight configurations and can be made to size spec.


The Fluted couch builds on modern design trends by using fluted upholstery techniques on the outside and inside backs of the couch. This, coupled with thick high density foams makes it one of our most comfortable yet modern designs.

It’s simplistic shape allows it to be modified for a range of different configurations and sizes. 

Who knew that vertical lines could look so good

The Fluted couch is available in 1,2 or 3 division configurations as well as a daybed corner, full corner or a U corner


We wanted to name this design the Lego couch but we were pretty sure that would get us into trouble. Welcome to the Tetra!

Designed as a modular couch which could be pieced together at the clients own timing and will, the Tetra couch is the future of home living. Each piece is uniform in dimensions and can be moved around and reassembled at will.

There are 5 different sections available comprising of daybeds, corners, ottomans and 1 divisions which can be manufactured in a variety of different fabrics or leathers


The Athens couch was designed as part of our budget range. It incorporates manufacturing concepts from imported designs in order to allow us to manufacture it in the quickest and most effective manner.

It’s fixed back cushions also ensures that less fabric is used to upholster the entire couch. While it may be from our budget range, it has every single bit of the quality promise that we stand by

The Athens is available in all configurations


Sue is one of our designs that gained popularity in the early 2000’s. Due to popular demand, we’ve brought it back into the fold and made it a part of our catalogue once again.

The thin armed design maximises seating space which is a concept that has been picking up quite a bit with the move to smaller apartment spaces becoming the standard.

Loose cushions on the seat and the back allow for versatility and flexibility over the lifetime of the couch


Kylie was the brainchild of one of our most confused private customers ever. She knew that she wanted a low set, deep seated couch that was versatile enough to be changed around easily. She also knew that she wanted a daybed that was much shorter than usual and wide arms with loose fitting upholstery. Thus, the Kylie was born and we absolutely loved it. 

This is a sectional couch that can be made up as a combination of a variety of different units. Available in individual ottoman, 1 division, corner and daybed units.

Tub Couch

Being one of our most comfortable occasional chairs, the Tandy Tub chair was the perfect basis for the design of one of our new lounge suites for 2022. The Tub couch took quite a bit of inspiration from it’s occasional chair sibling and added a bit of flair with a fully diamond buttonned inside back. Turns out it makes a gorgeous couch as well as an occasional chair.

Available as a 2, 3 or 4 division


The Osiris lounge suite is the newest introduction to our functional headrest range. The simplistic styling caters towards a more minimalistic market that the Amahle doesn’t quite cater to. It uses the same pocketed backrest design that the Amahle uses without the intricate stitching. The stitching detail on the outside arm of the couch adds just a little flair to the design

Available as a 1, 2 or 3 division as well as a daybed corner, full corner or a U corner